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Screenshots of Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
  • Shopping Cinema Movie Date
Description of Shopping Cinema Movie Date (from google play)

Hello, today you will meet a very nice couple and more than that you'll be able to help them with everything they need. The two young men want to have the first meeting and for everything to be perfect you will have to be very attentive to details. We all know that love is beautiful, when you see into the park two young men walking looks more beautiful. We know you're a very talented child and therefore you can handle all the missions in this kids game dating to the cinema. Here in this game for children, you could be a famous designer and more importantly you'll be able to prepare the most delicious dishes. We have a beauty salon, you'll take care of it today but you should not forget that you have to be and administrator at the cinema. We made the right choice, we know that you will prove everybody that you are a responsible kid and you'll make many friends.
We are happy that you will help the young lovers to meet.
In this game for girls you can be the messenger of love and you'll have fun.

- The young are at school, it is collect things;
- You'll have to help her;
- Mary is invited to film and accept;
- Now she has to go to a beauty salon;
- For starters needs a facial;
- Apply exfoliating gel to cleanse the skin;
- Rinse with warm water;
- Apply a mask of fruit;
- Apply cucumber slices on the skin around the eyes;
- Apply a moisturizer;
- Remove spots and acne;
- Apply a cream concealer;
- Wash her hair with shampoo and warm water;
- Dry her hair;
- Hairstyle hair;
- Now you have to makeup, apply: contact lenses, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder for the cheeks;
- You have to do manicures and pedicures;
- Wash hands and feet;
- Apply moisturizer;
- Cut nails;
- Apply colored nail polish;
- Young needs the most beautiful jewels;
- This has to go to a jeweler;
- Help her choose jewelry that fit best;
- Now she needs the most beautiful dress;
- Young look great;
- The two lovers met in front of the cinema;
- You must buy tickets;
- After the film, two young people want to eat;
- You have to give them sandwiches and juice;
- It's a beautiful day for shopping;
- You have to buy the most interesting things;
- You'll have to help the young couple to walk through the park;
- Will have to take a picture.

Thanks for your help, you're a great kid and please come back every day through this game for girls.

Have fun!

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